Sean Thackrey :: Wine Maker

Sean Thackrey :: Wine Maker

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I think it's important to note that the photographs posted here have only one purpose, which is to let me preview which individual images might succeed online well enough, or not well enough - since "well enough" is the best I can hope for - to give me some guidance in deciding which to include in setting up a website devoted to my photography. 

This means posting examples from wildly heterogeneous aspects of my work; self-evidently, the result is a hodge-podge of wildly conflicting if not mutually canceling styles and atmospheres that I would never  agree to display in the same room, for example, unless held at gunpoint.

I apologize for this, since I am not currently held at gunpoint; but I thought I should at least mention the reason for such a confusion of forms, & since almost no one knows of the existence of this site to begin with, hopefully the few that do will be able to recognize the problem easily enough & be able to see around it to some degree.

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