Sean Thackrey :: Wine Maker

Sean Thackrey :: Wine Maker

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Starring belle

Yesterday I posted a snapshot of our first consumer tasting of the 2016 Andromeda, starring Belle (see below on this page); now, the results, which I think are pretty decisive, this being her bowl after the event. I believe we may conclude that her organoleptic evaluation, as the ag-techs at UC Davis prefer to call it, was about as positive as it gets; and I admit that agrees with my own opinion, even though of course my own opinion is still based on what we aging art history majors insist on calling "taste". (which reminds me of my then-girlfriend of many years ago's splendidly inventive tasting note on the word "organoleptic" itself; she said, "Oow; that sounds like a band-aid smells".)

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